The fine craft and reliability of a custom knife will see your through a lifetime of hard service. Read more.

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Built one at a time, to be strong and functional. See complete price list.

Knife repair and conversions

Also offering knife repair, restoration and handle conversions. Read more.

Master chef’s BBQ knife set

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Finest Quality Handmade Knives

By Jay Maines

Offering a complete line of fixed blade, full tang, handmade custom cutlery. Built one at a time, to be strong and functional, and with reasonable care, will last a lifetime of hard use. With over 50 handcrafted models to choose from, I can meet all your knife needs.

For both fresh, and saltwater sportsman, including a Bird & Trout model.

Many styles for the big, and small game hunter. Plus camper, and utility models, for the backpacker, camper, and avid outdoorsman.

Many models to choose from, including gut-hooks, and caping knives.

From big, to realy big Bowies, plus tantos, boot, Persion styles, and combat fighters.

Mean short spears, and spear heads, to exceptional wicked, hog hunter knives.

Quillion style daggers, native American war tomahawks, and executive desk letter openers.

Cutlery sets, personal steak knives, chef's sandwich knife, and even a meat cleaver. For the avid backyard Barbecue Chef, a 5 or 9 piece, BBQ Knife Set.

All knives with a brass, S.S. or N.S bolster, come with a lightly engraved scroll pattern. Hand sewn, and custom fitted, leather knife sheaths, and belt pouches, for folding knives. All handcrafted from tough, thick, Water Buffalo hide leather. Offered in both vertical carry models, and the fantastic concealed carry, or horizontal, cross-draw, carry method. For the large, or heavy knife, or short sword, I handcraft an Adjustable leather, Shoulder Harness carry system.

Also offers, for fixed blade knives, a knife repair, restoration, and handle conversion, service.

This Web site will acquaint you with the many varieties of blades I offer, the color and grain pattern of the exotic hard woods and horns I use for handles, and the different styles of my custom sheaths.



What an extraordinary piece! I’m very pleased and quite confident it will be put to good use for many generations. It really is a mountain man’s blade!


Jay, can't thank you enough for taking such good care of my M3 knife.  
The work is excellent; exceeding my minds greatest expectations, but will now take a while for me to get accustomed to.  For many years, when I took her out of her sheath I saw a bright, shiny blade. The new gun-blued blade look is striking with the sharpened edges,  but very different from what I can remember all these years. I swear I don't remember the blade as being blued; certainly not to the extent it is now, even when I got her those many years ago. It was 1956, and she may have been heavily used before I got her even back then. Also, the leather handle looks almost new again. Thanks for that restoration. I wanted to keep it as much original as possible. You did that.
Most of us don't know how to care for our knives: thank God I found you.
Your work is thorough and excellent, which should last me the rest of my life with this one.  
Thanks again, I will stay in touch for future needs.
John Grier

Jay, thanks so much for the beautiful job you did on the Bowie my grandfather left me. Wherever he is, I’m sure he appreciates it too!


Got the knife last night and we are so happy with how it turned out! It looks even better than I had imagined and feels great in the hand. Superb craftsmanship! My mother is very pleased and my family is looking forward to passing it down to the next generations. If I ever need other fixed blade work or know anybody that does, I’ll be sure to send them your way. Thanks so much for knocking this out of the park for me!