Storage/Display Cases

A black, fleece-lined, zippered storage case with the Sunrise River logo embossed in gold leaf, is provided with each of my knives at no extra cost to you.

If you need a storage case for one or more of your other knives, they are available for a minimal charge of $25.00 – $30.00 each. The six sizes I stock are listed below:

1. Small Hunter – 2-1/2″ x 6″ @ $25.00
2. Hunter – 2″ x 8″ @ $25.00
3. Fillet – 3″ x 10″ @ $25.00
4. Fighter – 4″ x 13″ @ $30.00

5. Medium Bowie – 4″ x 16″ @ $30.00

6. Large Bowie – 4″ x 18″ @ $30.00

Add extra value to your club knife or corporate gift.

Storage Cases


Custom made by John Yeackley in Colorado

John Yeackley

5035 Petrified Forest Trail

Colorado Springs, CO 80924


Contact John directly for a price quote.

Glass topped, bird’s-eye maple wood display case with Kingwood accents.


Hinged top with hidden compartment underneath for sheath storage.


Walnut display stand with free flowing design.


Walnut and bird’s-eye maple display stands.


Glass topped, cherrywood display case, with hinged top.


Hidden compartment for sheath storage.


Boot Knife Display Stands:

Another of John Yeackley’s free form designs. A great way to store and show off your Boot Knife. Available in many different exotic hardwoods.


Wall mounted display case with hinged front.
John’s wood working skills and creativity at its best. This museum-quality showcase, built to house my Randall Made, Model 14 Survival Knife, met all my requirements. Built from bird’s-eye maple with cocobolo wood accents, he used part of my Vietnam era, tiger-striped patterned combat fatigues as a background. I asked for extra room to display the medals, awards and unit insignias that I earned in 66-67-68 while in Nam with the U. S. Army artillery.