Model 501 Wild Boar Hunting Spear

Hunting SpearMODEL #501 WILD HOG/BOAR HUNTING SPEAR: I recommend you read the “Field Testers” report on this short hunting spear. If you’re not up to using a knife to finish off the hog, then this short spear is the perfect tool to get the job done. Hand forged, 9-1/2″ long, double edged blade of high carbon steel. 26″ long Cocobolo hardwood shaft, with a strong handstop at the butt end. Shaft is slightly squared with rounded edges, for a much stonger grip than one completely round would give you. This shape comes in handily when you have a highly pissed off, wild hog stuck on the pointy business end of this heavy tough and very formidable weapon. Water buffalo hid sheath included.  $475.00 Read “Field Testers” report.

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wild hogModel 501 Wild Hog Spear Head: As shown with 9-1/2” long by 1-1/2” wide spear head. Hand forged from high carbon steel. Water buffalo hide sheath included.

501-3-AModel 501, Short Wild Hog Hunting Spear. 9-1/2” long, double edged spear head, with a 26” long, Cocobolo hardwood shaft. Heavy, tough, and very formidable weapon.