MicartaManufactured by Westinghouse, micarta is tough and durable making it a good choice for combat, military and survival knives. It is resistant to corrosion, acids, oils, heat and cold, moisture, compression and impact. It is manufactured in built-up layers of polymers and either paper, linen or canvas. Paper-based micarta, when sanded smooth, can be polished to a brilliant shine. It is available in ivory, black and butterscotch colors. Linen-based micarta shows some grain pattern from the layers of fine linen. When sanded smooth it, too, takes a high polished shine. It is available in black, maroon, red and white. Canvas-based micarta shows a very coarse grain pattern that resembles layers in wood. Available in brown, green and black. When only sanded to 120 grit, the rough surface gives a good secure grip. However, the handle’s color will be dull when in this rough state. See the photo #1 of a black canvas handle that has a dull, gray appearance. The deep rich color of the canvas micarta may be brought out by treating the handle with Danish Oil Finish. See photo #2 of the same knife handle.

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