NOTICE OF RETIREMENT: As of 2021, I am no longer taking orders for new custom knives or custom knife repair and conversions. For those of you who would still like one of my custom knives, I do have a few "On Hand", that can be shipped out ASAP. You should find the info and photos of them under the "Knives For Sale" section.  These remaining knives will be discounted by 30%, until they are all gone.
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Field Test – Ron Brooks

Ron BrooksI have been using a new filet knife for a couple of months now. I got it from Jay Maines at Sunrise River Custom Knives. Frankly I was a little skeptical when I first got it.I have gone through a lot of filet knives over my fishing life and I consider myself to be pretty good at filleting a fish.So a new custom-made knife had, in my mind, all the trappings for being fancy, but not really useful. Boy was I wrong!

I have the Large Filet Knife with the 7-inch blade, and I have used it on every fishing trip I made for the past two months.I can honestly tell you that I had to contact Jay to tell him I never even sharpened the knife until after the fifth trip.Five trips of cleaning fish took almost none of the sharpness away!Jay explained to me that his special heat treatment helped keep the sharp edge.

I cleaned redfish, seatrout, dolphin (Mahi Mahi – not Flipper!), and even a few freshwater varieties like bass and crappie over the past couple of months.This knife has enough backbone in it to cut through even the large rib cage bones, and yet enough finesse and bend to skin a seatrout filet.Anyone who has skinned a seatrout knows what I mean.Their skin is so thin and tender that a bad knife leaves you with a butchered filet.

All the years I spent sharpening cheap knives taught me one thing – no one knife is better than another.Wrong again!I am truly impressed with not just the workmanship, but with the overall quality of the knife.It holds an edge like no other knife I ever owned, and I can put an edge back on it with just two or three swipes on my Arkansas stone. I like this one.I just hope I can keep it from changing tackle box homes when I fish with my buddy!”

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