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Field Test – Jim Casselman


Your spear sure did the trick when it came right down to it. This particular hunt was a long and drawn out one because the hog was so wiley. The dogs had bayed this hog up in a logged cypress head when we first tried to get to him. The water was up our thighs and there were underwater logs, cypress knees and holes that made the going rough, Kenny and my son Nick both had catch dogs on leads and we were making our way to the bay dogs. I fell over a log and ended up to my neck in water, so the spear took a good soaking before it ever saw any action.

The hog broke loose and ran a couple hundred yards south of our position with the bay dogs hot after him, so we had to return to dry ground the way we had come in. The dogs bayed him once more, but we were not able to get close enough to let the catch dogs go. The hog broke out and came across the trail we had driven down with the trucks and one of the guys in our party got a shot off with a Marlin .30-.30. with which he wounded the boar, but did not stop him. He was headed west now with the bay dogs well behind him. He cut north and came out on the trail in front of my truck and I could see he was hit in the hind quarter, but he was still just a gettin it. I jumped in my truck with the spear and my dog and Kenny jumped in his truck with his dog and we both headed west towards the other end of the property trying to head the hog off.

The boar hit the swamp again and I and Kenny jumped out of our trucks and threw both pits on his trail. They took off and we had to wade through 3 ft of water (which was the road) and when we got to the other side Sassy,(my dog) was standin on high ground and there was a lot of ruckus going on in the brush about 30 yards to our left. The hog busted out and I thought it was going to run right over Kenny when Sassy took off hot on his heels, he wheeled and did a 180 and went right back into the brush again. This time the lead bay dog Goldie and Kenny’s catch dog Trigger caught him. Kenny and I headed into the mess, but it was pretty slow going having to climb over logs and limbs, briars and wait-a-minute vines. (you know the kind with half inch long thorns that like to tangle around you and make you wait a minute until you get untangled) Kenny said, “Jim let me get by you before that boar hurts my dogs!” I stepped to the side and he got by me and we continued to forge our way through the tangle until we were on top of a snarling, snorting pissed off 80-85lb boar with 1.5-2.0 inch tusks….We heard a yelp and saw that he had just cut Goldie beneath her Kevlar vest, but Trigger wasn’t wearing one and was hanging on the side of his head. Kenny said, ” We gotta kill that hog and grabbed him by the hind legs and drug him backwards enough that I could get to him. I pointed your spear at his heart and lunged and I guess my adrenaline was pumping, and your spear had a great edge on it, because I had a complete pass through, with no resistance. The boar lost all his fight right now. Kenny held him for another 20-30 seconds before dropping him to check Goldies wound. Trigger was not letting go of his left ear until she was sure he was dead. Sassy came crawling through the bushes behind me wrapped in wait-a-minute vines, so I took the spear point and cut her free. This was her first attempt to catch a hog and I think she was being cautious and taking notes!

CasselmanYour spear did a great job even though the boar was rather small…I had cut all the arteries going to the heart and effectively just shut the engine room down. The width of the wound and the fact with a little rocking of the handle the blade will widen the wound, you could probably cut one in two. I must say it was sturdily built and made for close in action, and I think it would have done the job on any size boar. (I probably wouldn’t complain about a little longer handle if the boar and been in the 300-500 lb range.) When it went in there was not resistance. I mean if I had wanted to the spear was ready to go through, handle and all. Over all it was a very effective weapon, made for a clean kill and looked good to boot! Russ mentioned me getting through the brush with it, and I have to say it will get tangled, but it also will keep the briars off of your face when you push them out of the way with it. Thanks for the opportunity to field test it.

Thanks again,
Jim Casselman