Club Knives & Corporate Gifts

Club KnivesIf you belong to a club, an organization or own a company with an interesting logo or symbol, take a closer look at the picture at right. The logo is an African lion and shield, deeply etched into the blade of a hunting knife for the Safari Club International Minnesota Chapter. Yours, too, can be transferred onto a stencil and then etched into a blade. Call or write for the particulars on this “One of a Kind Service.” Add extra value to your club knife or corporate gift.

Club KnivesA far sighted Canadian pump manufacturer went looking for useful Christmas gifts for some of its larger clients. So they called on me to fill their requirements. The majority of their customers are avid sportsmen and always in need of a quality cutting tool. We started with a dozen Model 101 Large Fish Fillet Knives and acid etched the company name in block letters into each blade. With the success of this first round of gifts, next year will see the pump company’s logo transferred onto a long-life stencil to be used on future Christmas gifts of hunters, campers or utility knives.