Hello Jay, I received the knife Sat. and I gotta say impressed is an understatement, this is an awsome knife a true work of art, blew my expectations away. I have already taken it to the backwoods of East Texas preparing for deer season. I of course had to show it off. I’m not a … Read more Marlin


Jay: I received the knife today that you replaced the broken handle for me. It is absolutely beautiful. My mom & dad are both gone now – they gave that set of knives to me knowing how much I love to cook. As I’m sure you’re aware, I could have replaced the paring knife for … Read more Greg


Jay, My knife arrived today and it looks fantastic! I absolutely love the feel and the look of the handle. The grain of the wood with the light spot reminds me of the stock on one of my bird guns. I think IÊ will need a new sheath in a few years so I will probably … Read more M