Hi Jay, I’m very HAPPY today because the knife has arrived! I don’t have the right word to explain my happiness! Your knife is very beautifull and very GOOD product, I compare your knife to the Randall knife and I don’t find a difference! Believe me, I Iike very,very much your knife and compliment also … Read more Maiocchi


Jay, Thanks again for showing Nate and I your incredible art. I have spent the last couple days going through your knife links and feel I have been forever spoiled by discovering your knives first. There is nothing out there that could compare to your Texas Ranger Saddle Bowie! I also have an even greater … Read more Brent

Russ Chastain

Hi Jay, I was talking with our Saltwater Fishing Guide, Ron Brooks, back in April at an conference in Atlanta, about your knives. We both agreed they’re the best we’ve ever had, and we’re very happy with them. I continue to use mine whenever the need arises, such as on a fishing trip a … Read more Russ Chastain


Hi Jay, I received my Gurkha Kukri with a new handle yesterday afternoon. I must say the new handle looks fantastic. The handle fits just right on my hand and I really like the finger grooves (and the guard and the pommel). I hope I am not being biased but I think this project turned … Read more Paul


Jay, The mailman came about a half hour ago, and brought my knife. I would have written you sooner, but I had to play with it for awhile, you know what I mean. Ya know, some people say they’re artists, then you have the ones who really are. You, my man, are among the latter. … Read more Steve

Jim G.

Jay, Your custom sheath arrived today (12-26) and is awesome. My brother saw it and could hardly get himself to put it down. I am extremely happy with your work and will refer customers to you when the topic comes up in conversation; I am going to suggest to my parents that they purchase one … Read more Jim G.


Jay, I don’t even know where to start. The boar hunting knife has been a dream come true. My grand father taught me how to make knives along time ago and I know workmanship when I see it. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them I don’t use a gun for boar hunting … Read more Buck

Brian H.

Jay, I bought the Model 303 Big Game Skinner: 3″ blade with 1 3/4″ serrations on top with engraved N. S. bolsters, black liners, black/brass mosaic pins and presentation grade AA Arizona desert ironwood. It is the best looking knife I have ever seen. The balance on it is incredible. Due to the size of … Read more Brian H.