Good afternoon Jay, I received my Maxi Skinner on Friday afternoon. It truly was more than I had expected. I love the feel, especially the weight. She really feels nice, like you’re holding a trusted tool. The handle is beautiful! The buffalo horn has just enough accents in it to really turn heads. The sheath … Read more Bridger

Jay B

Jay, You are a true craftsman. That old western hunter looks fantastic. The wood matches the spacers perfectly (fit and color) and we were able to keep so much of the original knife – everything looks terrific. It looks great for a 55 year old knife. It means a lot to me to have this … Read more Jay B


Jay, Thanks for the quick service on the knife you sent, it came yesterday, wow! The knife, sheath and case are all beautiful! You build a great knife. I really like the walnut handles too. Everything about it right down to the engraving is first class workmanship. Thanks again, I’ll look forward to doing business … Read more Gary


Hi Jay, Thanks for getting my order finished so quickly. It is a very impressive work of art. Especially thanks for dyeing the sheath black. It matches the ebony handle perfectly. I am proud to own it and look forward to displaying it for my friends to see. Sincerely, a very satisfisfied customer, Tom


Jay, I received my knife in the mail today. You did an OUTSTANDING job on it. I could not be more satisfied with the knife, I am especially impressed that you in effect “restored” it without making it look new. Believe me, as an antique nut I know how HARD that is to do. To … Read more Robert


Hi Jay…It’s Anne-g, Steve got his knife today and he loves it!!! Big Score. Big Hit. It is gorgeous. He is very happy and I am happier still. It is really great Jay, thank you so much. I am sure when “the guys” see it, you will get more inquiries. Happy Easter…we will be in … Read more Ann-G


Jay, This is Clint in Gainesville…sorry I haven’t gotten back with you sooner regarding the two custom fillet knives you made for me. Barry and I really enjoy the performance of these knives. Unless you’ve spent hours slicing through a pile of grouper, snapper and seabass, it would be hard to figure how a particular … Read more Clint


Dear Mr. Maines, A few days ago I received the Maxi Skinner, It is an excellent knife. I am extremely pleased with it. The sheath is very well made and very strong. I also like the fact that the belt loop is just as big as it needs to be, but no more; it lets … Read more Javier


Jay, I just have to say I am extremely happy and impressed with your work! When I first took the knife out, I had to look at it for a few minutes because it looked so different from how it was before: micarta handles, beautiful black sheath (left-handed of course!) and sharpening rod pouch with … Read more Jerome


Jay, I received the knife today. It is beautiful! The workmanship is incredible. It is probably the best gift I have given to my husband. I am glad that you enclosed a brochure. I’m sure my husband will want to show it to his fishing buddies. Thanks again for your help. I am thrilled to … Read more Kim