NOTICE OF RETIREMENT: As of 2021, I am no longer taking orders for new custom knives or custom knife repair and conversions. For those of you who would still like one of my custom knives, I do have a few "On Hand", that can be shipped out ASAP. You should find the info and photos of them under the "Knives For Sale" section.  These remaining knives will be discounted by 30%, until they are all gone.
Thank you for your support over the years.  - Jay Maines


Jay, can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of my M3 knife. The work is excellent; exceeding my minds greatest expectations, but will now take a while for me to get accustomed to. For many years, when I took her out of her sheath I saw a bright, shiny blade. The new gun-blued … Read more


Hi Jay, Got the knife last night and we are so happy with how it turned out! It looks even better than I had imagined and feels great in the hand. Superb craftsmanship! My mother is very pleased and my family is looking forward to passing it down to the next generations. If I ever … Read more


Jay, I received the boot knife you made for me. I have to be honest, the quality and craftsmanship are far more than I expected. The knife is exactly what I wanted. Its good to know you can still buy something and get more than your moneys worth. Thanks again for the perfect knife. Jay … Read more


Jay..just to let you know that the knife made it safe and sound. I am so impressed with the final product…just perfect…great workmanship! I am so glad I listened to your suggestions. ..the final design took what I thought I wanted way past what I thought possible…all with your help and craftsmanship.well done! I look … Read more


Thank you so so much. You’ve really honored both Mr. Randal – who I believe built this knife and would be happy to know it’s back in shape and you’ve honored the kind lady that gifted a bratty kid with a gift he didn’t understand or appreciate. Really, I don’t feel guilty any more. I’m … Read more


Jay, thanks so much for the beautiful job you did on the Bowie my grandfather left me. Wherever he is, I’m sure he appreciates it too! The ratttlesnake sheath with the leather was definitely the way to go. Absolutely beautiful.. The restoration of the handle is superb as well as the satin restoration of the … Read more


Hello Jay, My Trailmaster arrived this past Friday.  What an extraordinary piece!  I’m very pleased and quite confident it will be put to good use for many generations.  It really is a mountain man’s blade!  Perhaps I’ll have another project for you in the future, and I will certainly recommend you to anyone I encounter along … Read more


Hello Mr. Maines, I opened my door this morning to head to work and found the postman had dropped off an expected package. I opened the box to find a work of art inside. Thank you so much, yet again, for making this dream become a reality. The handle fits my hand perfectly and provides … Read more


Hi Jay, Man you have made one very old man very happy… the shoulder rig and the new sheath you made for the Fat Lady are out of this world…It is so easy to put on and it rides right where I want it to on my back. I must say you really know how … Read more


Hi Jay, I just received my knife and it is a beauty! Great workmanship! I now understand the difference between a good quality custom knife and one off the shelf. It’s an amazing talent you have. Now, I’ve been known to do more damage than good to knives when keeping an edge on them. Is … Read more