NOTICE OF RETIREMENT: As of 2021, I am no longer taking orders for new custom knives or custom knife repair and conversions. For those of you who would still like one of my custom knives, I do have a few "On Hand", that can be shipped out ASAP. You should find the info and photos of them under the "Knives For Sale" section.  These remaining knives will be discounted by 30%, until they are all gone.
Thank you for your support over the years.  - Jay Maines


Hi Jay,

Man you have made one very old man very happy… the shoulder rig and the new sheath you made for the Fat Lady are out of this world…It is so easy to put on and it rides right where I want it to on my back.

I must say you really know how to work with leather.. and don’t worry, the Water Buffalo leather really fits great. No problem at all. I had to wait til this weekend before I had time to take the new outfit down to the farm and give it a good work out.

I hit the woods about 6:45 this morning, planning on placing a lock on a deer stand about 24 feet up in a white oak tree, and then start cutting and trimming down tons of branches or small trees . Things that would be in the way of an arrow, come this fall. I like to get all this taken care of long before hunting season, so the bucks  will have forgot all about  me being down there.

Well, I walked about a half mile back into the  oak ridges, and I must say the shoulder rig was way more than just good. It  sure gave me lots of things I could now do with both hands free. And the Fat Lady is  not banging into my leg ever step I take anymore. Jay, I worked  down their til about 3:30 pm and I must say I only took the shoulder  rig off while I was putting in screw in steps and pulling up the lock on stand.

Oh yea, Jay, I almost forgot to tell you. This morning on the way down to the woods I stopped into a little country store that I normally stop at to get a bite to eat , as it opens up around 6 am most mornings. Well I had your shoulder rig with the Fat Lady on my back when I came in and took a seat. Man I wish you could have been there to see the look on all those folks’ face. The owner is a good friend, so when he saw the Fat Lady in that great looking shoulder rig, he let out a holler that was heard for sure a half mile away – “Lord would you look at that – set up on his back!”   The look on everyones face told me what I already knew, money I sent you  for the sheath and the shoulder rig was WELL SPENT.

Thanks again for ever thing you did.

A friend for life — Donnie Knight