The mailman came about a half hour ago, and brought my knife. I would have written you sooner, but I had to play with it for awhile, you know what I mean. Ya know, some people say they’re artists, then you have the ones who really are. You, my man, are among the latter. I was speechless about the handle, it’s more than what I could have imagined. You were right, the color scheme is great and the sheath is also more than what I could have expected. Now I know why you were so excited. This is truly a unique knife and now it’s MINE!!! I don’t want to sound like a crazy man, but this is the only knife like this in the world. I like that. Thanks, Jay, I owe you a tall, cool one someday. I’m super happy with the knife. Looking forward to seeing it on the internet. Again, many thanks and you will be hearing from me again.

Regards, Steve