Brian H.

Brian HurstJay,

I bought the Model 303 Big Game Skinner: 3″ blade with 1 3/4″ serrations on top with engraved N. S. bolsters, black liners, black/brass mosaic pins and presentation grade AA Arizona desert ironwood. It is the best looking knife I have ever seen. The balance on it is incredible. Due to the size of our hunting land, no ATVĂ•s are allowed, so I field dress all my deer to make the carryout weight less. Sometimes I have to do this in the dark; and let me just say, this knife feels like an extension of my hand. The blade stays extremely sharp and the serrations are perfect for cutting tough tissue that would normally dull a straight blade. I’ve even cut through a breast plate with no trouble. The blade being only 3″ keeps it from poking anything when I sit, but because of the thickness of the blade and the way it tapers back it makes it seem longer then 3″ when used. Also, when removing the innards the short blade makes it easier to work in the chest cavity. Simply the best made and designed knife I have ever seen or used. I was skeptical of the knife because of price, but now I see the knife is worth every cent (really more). I love to just hold the knife; it truly is a functional piece of art. I love the fact you said, “Don’t put this knife on a display shelf it is made to be used.” You can tell when someone takes pride in what they do and I would like to thank you.

Your Alabama Friend, Brian Hurst